The best travel tools every traveler needs in their carry on

The best travel tools every traveler needs in their carry on

There’s nothing worse than being on the road only to discover that you left one of your must-have travel accessories at home. From cell phones that die in the middle of an interview to being stuck on the tarmac with no headphones, as a travel writer, I’ve learned the hard way the best travel tools that I just can’t leave home without.


The best travel tools


1.Extra charger
When I’m on a press trip, the days can be long. Hosts wants us to experience as much as we can each day. I’ll head out some mornings and not get back to my room until late at night. I’m taking pictures all day long and voice recording some interviews, so I can’t afford to have my phone’s battery die mid-day. One of my best travel tools is a small lipstick-sized charger which gets me through two full battery cycles.


best travel tools iphone charger
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2. Blanket scarf for plane
Hot flashes aside, I get chilly on planes, especially on long-haul flights at night. Mer-Sea & Co. recently won me over with this fabulous travel wrap they sent me for this article. Unlike those icky airline-issued blankets, it’s cozy and stylish (and clean), and one of the best travel tools a gal can have. It’s also a great all around wrap that I can keep in my tote for chilly restaurants or breezy days.

a cozy travel wrap
Mer Sea travel wrap



3. Water bottle
Like journals, I’m a sucker for pretty water bottles. Personally, I like the Swell bottles because they keep beverages both hot and cold for an entire day. Whether it’s having hot tea on my long flight or cool water on my bedside, I’m never without my Swell.


4. Earplugs and eye mask
You know that “What’s the 1 thing you’d take to a deserted island?” question?  For me, the answer is always earplugs. I’m a light sleeper. And hotels can be very noisy. And bright, especially if I’m a few time zones behind.


woman sleeping
Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash


5. Pocket
This might be my all-time favorite and one of  the best travel tools around. I spend a lot of time reading and doing research – on totally random stuff – so I save all of these article to Pocket, an app that lets you read things offline. I use my time on airplanes to catch up on reading.


best travel tools for the airplane

6. iPhone camera accessories
I was on a recent press trip and discovered I’ve been SO out of touch with my iPhone camera! I’m always taking photos in low light – food, night shots, quick snaps from tour buses – so was thrilled to learn about these accessories from a fellow travel writer. First, a Universal Clip-On LED Light with 21 LEDs that brighten up low-light videos or pictures. There are also clip-on lenses including a wide angle, macro and fish eye lens, to turn your normal snaps into professional photographs.


best travel tools

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