Creating Your Legacy: Are You Doing the Right Things?

by bethgraham

My kids recently lost a good friend who was tragically killed in a car accident. I did not know her well but as I read what her friends were writing about her on social media, it was clear that she had such an impact in her short 20 years of life. She was known for always being upbeat and happy. And making others laugh. Several of her friends started a Facebook group called LiveLikeLaura to celebrate her exuberance for life and it really gave me pause about creating your legacy. I asked my own kids (and myself), “What would your legacy be? What would people say about you?” Are you worthy of a “LiveLike” moniker?

My kids, sadly, have lost a few friends in their 20 years on this earth. Car accidents, gun violence, and tragically, suicide. And after every horrific incident, their friends take to social media to share stories and offer condolences and mourn the loss. It gives us a real glimpse into their lives, their relationships and what others will miss most about them.

But do you suppose these kids who’ve left us know the impact they had on others? I wondered what friends would write on my kids’ Facebook pages if (God forbid) something happened to them. So we talked about it. I suggested trying to do something every day that leaves a lasting impact, whether it’s sharing a passion for food or a passion for seeing the world – these are my kids’ real passions.

I’ve encouraged my kids, and I try myself, to do something every single day that contributes to our legacies. It really comes down to living life with passion – whether it’s making people laugh or simply sharing a passion with others. My son is so filled with wanderlust. I listen to the comments others make who admire his free spirit. I hope he’s inspired others to LiveLikeCarson. My daughter has this unyielding passion for health. She shares information and encourages others to live more healthy lives. She’s a teacher of health so LiveLikeLyndsey also qualifies.

I know it’s hard to think (and write) about, but if you boldly share your passion and you’re vocal about it and you wear it on your sleeve, you’ll leave your mark. Honestly, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think to myself “LiveLike” and wonder if I’m living up to my moniker. I just hate that these young people have to leave us before they get their moniker. I think we should each have our own moniker, like a social security number, that’s unique to us but something we have to live up to each day.


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