What I’m Listening To: Is Aging a Disease?

What I’m Listening To: Is Aging a Disease?

Warning: I’m a bit of health/wellness freak so if you think a lot of health news is bunk, please don’t read or listen. This post and this podcast are not for you. I’m on a wellness journey for myself so I’m interested in learning and reading about the science and certainly not trying to force my beliefs on anyone.

When I turned 49, I set a goal to get in the best shape of my life by 50. I wanted to eat healthier, work out more regularly, and have more energy. Needless to say, 50 came and went. And then 51, and 52, and you get the point. Yet I’ve continued to read and absorb all of the information on getting, being, and staying healthy. Fast forward a few years. Life was pretty good. I was an empty nester and my husband and I were living in California, I had established myself as a travel writer which was a long-time dream, and I was genuinely happy. Life was SO good. A year later, I hit a wall and ended up in the hospital. (There’s more to the story but it essentially was a result of not taking care of myself after my mother’s stroke.) It was my wake-up call.

I hired a health coach who really opened my eyes to some alternative health theories and products. I jumped on board with her protocol and starting feeling better. And then life got busy and I stopped. I stopped the supplements, found excuses to skip the gym, gave myself permission to eat crap, and my body rebelled. I noticed it the most in my joints and my energy. It hurt to climb stairs, I woke up sore and achy every day, and I needed that 3pm nap every day. 

Fast forward, and I’ve once again found a good balance. I’m back in the gym and the way I get myself there, and keep myself there, is by listening to some really interesting podcasts (and I’ve gone back to the simplicity of strength training). I’m delving into the world of wellness and this podcast on aging really struck a chord in me. I’ve followed mindbodygreen for years and find it a very inspiring platform.

Again, I’m a believer in the science and I’ve implemented a lot of new things in my life that have truly changed how I think and feel. Chlorophyll, NAD, Ashwaganda, expensive probiotics, and other weird crap. Yeah, I’ve gone to the dark side but it’s working for me. Happy to share all of that in another post if you’re interested.

So about the podcast. It’s an interview with David Sinclair, Ph.D, a microbiologist at Harvard Medical School who studies aging. I’m a big follower. In the podcast, he addresses diet and why our conditioning to eat three meals a day may not be optimal, intermittent fasting (another bandwagon I’ve jumped on), exercise and why less is more (yay!), and a lot of other simple, common sense strategies. 

Here’s the link if you’d like to listen. Let me know what you think!

I guess there’s still hope. Maybe I’ll get in the best shape of my life by 58!

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