9 free ways to break a “meh” mood to find happiness

by bethgraham

When I’m in a funk, I find that even the littlest things can perk me up and help me find happiness. When I worked in Washington, DC and was having a bad day, I would go to one of the upscale furriers and try on expensive fur coats (long before furs became so politically incorrect). These days, I’ll go to a restaurant alone for lunch and have a glass of wine or stop by the department store cosmetic counter for a free makeover – all in the name of happiness.

Pulling yourself out of a funk doesn’t have to be expensive. I mean, yeah, booking a last minute trip to the Caribbean (which is something I would do) is certainly one approach, but there are plenty of free things you can do to rid the mehs and experience happiness.

1 Visit your local Williams-Sonoma for one of their complimentary cooking classes. It’s a great way to learn a few techniques and sample some different tastes – and share a little happiness with your tummy too!

2. Get a free manicure or massage. Local beauty schools and massage programs often offer free, or very inexpensive, services as a way for their students to hone their skills on real people. Don’t be afraid – they’re usually well into their training before they get to this level. I’ve had facials at esthetician schools also that were pretty good because the student is definitely giving it 100%.

3. Buying new makeup always cheers me up. Stop into your local Sephora and get a free makeover. You’ll get to experiment with new colors and products, and get a free makeup lesson at the same time. Let your happiness show on the outside too!

4. Many yoga studios offer free community classes, often outside or in a local park. A relaxing yoga class (with a lengthy Savasana) coupled with getting some fresh outdoor air will perk up your mood. Join local yoga studios’ Facebook pages so you can stay up to date.

5. Indulge in some retail therapy. Head to the nearest upscale department store or boutique and let a personal shopper dress you from head to toe. This is a post about free activities so hopefully you can restrain yourself from the purchases. Until tomorrow.

6. Recreate your bed as if you’re in a luxury hotel. Don’t you find that you sleep so much better in a hotel and that the beds are much more comfy than yours at home? There is an actually an art to creating a hotel bed but it’s sure to lift your mood.

7. Turn your bathroom into a spa and enjoy an indulgent spa bath right at home. Rose petals (or something from the garden)? Check. Homemade sugar scrub for extra smooth skin? Check. Add some candles, spa music and a glass of wine. Don’t you feel better already? The EveryGirl recently shared 7 Easy Ways to Create a Spa-Like Experience At Home.

8. Sometimes just having a little project can lift your mood. Grab your camera (or smart phone) and head outdoors to take some shots of things that make you happy. Find a project on Pinterest or Etsy and immerse yourself in it.

9. Go tour a luxury model home. Trust me, this doesn’t have to be a depressing wish-I-could-afford-this trip. Picking up some new decorating tips and ideas will give you something to focus on other than that meh mood.

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