How to Have the Perfect Staycation

by Beth Graham

You don’t have to get out of town to unwind and unplug. The perfect staycation is all about pretending that you’re on a relaxing, exotic vacation. Imagine all the things you would do on a luxury vacation and simply do them in your own town.

We may think we know our neighborhoods inside and out, but the reality is, there are certainly areas of our own cities we’ve yet to explore. Here’s how to have the ultimate staycation close to home that will feel like a real getaway.

  1. Book a treatment at a local resort spa, and often, you’ll have access to all of the hotel’s amenities including the pool, beach and guest areas. Schedule a morning appointment and take advantage of all the access in the afternoon, including poolside cocktails.
  2. Plan a night out on the town as if it were New Year’s Eve. Wine bars are popping up everywhere, so start your night off at a local wine bar followed by a prix fixe dinner at a trendy restaurant you’ve never tried. Consider exploring a new ethnic cuisine, perhaps Vietnamese, Ethiopian or Moroccan food. You may have to venture to a new part of town to find it, but that’s part of the adventure, right?
  3. Check your local city magazine for the top recommended attractions in your area and make plans to visit any you’ve not seen. Also look at daytrips that are recommended by travelers and plan an entire day away. Sometimes it’s great to see destinations through others eyes.
  4. What’s the one mode of transportation you’ve never taken in your city? It could be a ferry, a touristy streetcar, a river taxi or even a kayak. Make a plan to travel to a different part of the city with the caveat that you have must go and return using this means of transport.
  5. Take a lesson in a sport you’ve never tried before, such as golf or skiing, or try out a new age activity, like meditation or tai chi.
  6. Rent a convertible or sports car for your staycation and you’ll definitely find your more playful side.
  7. Have champagne with your lunch. Imagine yourself sitting at an outdoor café in Paris and whiling away the afternoon with a glass of bubbly. Who says you have to be on vacation to drink at lunch?
  8. Be sure to document your day. See how many different local landmarks you can take selfies with.

Vacations are all about trying and seeing new things and doing activities you don’t do at home. Just because you’re on a staycation, doesn’t mean you can’t have the same experience and adventure.

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