Hi there! I’m Beth, a wine-loving wanderluster who also happens to be a bit OCD when it comes to traveling. From planning the perfect itinerary where the only surprises will be the amazing food and wine, to packing for every possible scenario and emergency, to doing all the necessary research on accommodations and destinations, I leave nothing to chance!  So I’m here to answer the questions I get asked the most: Which resort should I choose? How do you find the cheapest (biz class) airfares? Should I go here or should I go there?  I do tons and tons of research every time I plan a trip so I’m here to share what I’ve learned after 25+ years of traveling and visiting 34 countries and counting.

I’ve been in public relations business for 35 years working for clients in a range of industries.  But traveling is really my passion.  I’ve always loved to write and 10 years ago, I decided to start writing about food and travel on a professional level.  My articles have appeared in Saveur Magazine, Eating Well, Southern Living, Islands Magazine, AARP The Girlfriend,  The Local Palate, Lonely Planet, Travelocity, Orbitz, Just Luxe, and other publications. Click here to see my full portfolio of work and published articles.

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