Why the Club Med 2 is the most unique cruise you’ll ever go on

by Beth Graham
Club Med 2

Imagine the joy of sitting at a charming French café, relishing the gentle breeze with a delicious brie-topped baguette in one hand and a glass of exquisite champagne in the other. Now, picture doing all of this while aboard the world’s largest sailing ship, powered by the wind and your own spirit of adventure. This was my recent experience on board a Club Med cruise on the newly refurbished Club Med 2 sailing yacht. Club Med is a French company known for its all-inclusive vacation resorts and this is their only sailing vessel.

Following a recent $10 million upgrade, guests can now enjoy an intimate small-ship sailing experience with top-tier service, visiting some of the world’s most opulent ports. Thanks to its small size at just 187 meters and shallow draft, the yacht can access ports and historic city centers that larger ships cannot reach, like Virgin Gorda and Venice. This certainly qualifies as one of the Club Med best resorts and experiences.

sunset on the Club Med cruise
sunset on the deck of the Club Med 2

Why this Club Med cruise is unique

Originally setting sail in 1992, this iconic vessel was recently refurbished including its 2700 square meters of Burmese teak decking. The ship’s five masts support an impressive 185 square meters of sails, reducing its power usage by up to 30% when the wind is in its favor. Sails are computerized and, on the final night, they’re hoisted to the grand sounds of Vangelis’ 1492: Conquest of Paradise, with guests cheering along. The small tenders that transport passengers to shore for excursions are aptly named “beachers” due to their capability to land on the beach.

What it’s like onboard the Club Med 2 sailboat

With just 184 passenger cabins, including 10 suites and 1 owner’s suite (measuring 240 square meters), the Club Med 2 offers an intimate and exclusive experience. You can see the full ship layout here. There are no indoor cabins, ensuring that all passengers wake up to an awe-inspiring ocean view. The level of service on the ship is truly exquisite, with approximately 215 crew members, known as Gentile Organisers (GOs), creating an impressive crew-to-guest ratio. Forget about waiting in lines at buffets or struggling to find a lounging spot on this Club Med cruise vessel – the ship’s ambiance, open spaces, and abundant amenities are designed to encourage guests to simply relax and unwind.

room on Club Med cruise
my room on the Club Med 2

The service and decor are impeccable, embodying the elegance of French culture. While the majority of guests are French, the brand is aiming to attract more Americans to experience this unique sailing opportunity. The cabins are surprisingly spacious for a smaller ship and offer ample storage, with two closets and numerous drawers to accommodate your belongings. The in-room Lavazza Nespresso adds a delightful touch, providing the perfect morning pick-me-up. Guests eagerly participate in the ship’s theme nights, embracing the festive atmosphere with themed attire, decor, and entertainment. Every evening feels like a celebration, albeit in a refined manner, on this fabulous vessel. The Sothys spa, though petite, offers an intimate space for indulgence, providing a range of treatments and products to enhance your well-being.

Dining on the Club Med 2

When it comes to dining, this Club Med cruise offers an exceptional culinary experience. Through an exclusive partnership, chefs are trained at Paris’s prestigious Ferrandi culinary school, creating new menus for the ship’s two restaurants. All cuisine served is made on the ship, down to the stocks and bread, with recipes designed to make the best use of fresh local produce and fish. Whether cruising in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, guests can indulge in an array of delectable dishes, accompanied by a generous supply of French breads, cheeses, and wines. The ship’s reservations-only Monte Carlo restaurant has been revamped, featuring nautical antiquities and open spaces that allow guests to savor panoramic ocean views. Meanwhile, the Le Saint Barth and Le Cannes bars provide the perfect setting for an afternoon cocktail or the ship’s renowned high tea.

Where the Club Med 2 sails

The Club Med 2 charts a course in the Caribbean during the winter and the Mediterranean throughout the summer. Caribbean sailings often commence from the Dominican Republic’s La Romana port, luring travelers with itineraries featuring the British Virgin Islands, Colombia, and Panama and stops at popular beach destinations. European itineraries include the Canary Islands, Iberian coast, Italy, Turkey, and many other magnificent cities. Club Med is renowned for its all-inclusive experiences, and whether you favor the grandeur of mega-ship sailing or the allure of small, intimate luxury resorts, the Club Med 2 offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to sail aboard one of the world’s largest and most exclusive yachts.

Club Med has made efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, including those of Club Med 2, by implementing eco-friendly practices and technologies. This includes reducing emissions and waste, as well as promoting sustainable tourism.

Club Med 2 is marketed towards travelers who appreciate the romance of sailing combined with the luxury and convenience of a modern cruise ship. It offers a more intimate and exclusive atmosphere compared to larger cruise liners, making it a popular choice for those looking to explore beautiful destinations in comfort and style.

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